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Johnny & Michael + Annie & Bern

With a drop of Bowie swagger and Amy Winehouse croon, comes Johnny & Michael. From the rock band, Pretty City, Johnny Moretti takes his focus to the mic with good friend Michael Baini from The Sand Dollars putting their love of reverb drenched 60s and dulcet jazz crooners to classic and modern songs. For fans of The Last Shadow Puppets and The Walker Brothers, the duo will be swooning you through a set of songs of love and heart break, leaving you clenching at your chest all night.

"We just really love that era of song craft where songs were effortless and yet complex. They exuded a sense of cinematic grandeur with very little instrumentation. It was all in the voices and some tasteful guitar. And we just wanted to celebrate that and have some fun." Johnny

See them at their debut show on August 1st at Some Velvet Morning with special guests Annie and Bern for their last show as a duo before they become a fully fledged band!